This involves the submission of a dissertation that treats a research aspect in the field. Students are expected to use well defined as well as innovative methodologies. The total no of words for the dissertation will be 12,000-14,000 words.

This module is designed to help learners address leadership in the knowledge society; assuming effective leadership is essential in all modern organisations more so, when technology is part of the reality of the organisation. It will also develop an understanding of the nature and competencies of leadership and provide learners with opportunities to explore the pivotal role of education in the knowledge society and alternatively, how the knowledge society can trigger educational change. 

Curriculum Leadership: A Creative Approach to Theory and Practice examines the diverse and often contentious field of curriculum studies. This course places curriculum theory and practice within the broader sociopolitical context, drawing upon real case studies from across the world. This course also examines the work of educators and curriculum theorists, both past and present, who have contributed and/or continue to contribute to knowledge within the field.