The Leading Educational Systems course will prepare educational leaders to better manage the systems, resources, curriculum, facilities and personnel under their charge. Educational leaders are action-oriented individuals who anticipate the short- and long-term consequences of their strategies. They consider strategies as they relate to their own organization, the ministry and the government as a whole.  The course will provide leaders with the decision-making skills they require to create strategies that support the business of education.  

The Leading Educational Change course will prepare educational leaders to effectively facilitate and guide the change effort in their organizations.  Educational leaders must exercise the strategic art of leadership in response to changing educational needs facing communities today and in the future.  This course will prepare educational leaders to properly and in a timely manner assess their impact of change on their vision and seek to respond effectively to these changes. 

Education is essential to social and economic development, especially for citizens in developing countries.  The future is changing so dramatically and quickly that it poses more challenges for current educational leaders.  They are educating students for the unknown.  Hence, educational leaders need to explore the necessary changes and challenges that their educational systems are faced with now; and how innovation can be used to inform their future.