This module is an introduction to mobile and pervasive computing. Topics covered include History of Mobile Phone/Smartphones, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Application Development using Android, Sensors, IoT and pervasive computing.

The purpose of this module is to introduce the fundamental concepts of Interactive Design. Like most areas of Computing, design has a significant number of terms and concepts that are likely to be new to you.

The module is about developing web applications in php & mysql. You will learn how to develop and deploy a server-side application that interacts with a database to retrieve, insert and update data from a web interface.

This module will cover history, theory and practice of traditional and digital animation. It will give students an insight of the Multimedia Animation field, allowing them to explore and discover some basics principles of animation, techniques they need to create a variety of animation styles.

This module involves the submission of a web project.
Students are expected to use well defined as well as innovative methodologies and demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their two years of study.